You’ve thought of the idea. You’ve researched your market. You’ve developed a game changing product that will revolutionise the way people eat spaghetti forever…

You just can’t think of what name to give your creation and damned if you can envision a logo and branding for it.

That’s where we come in…

Make Good Plaster came to us early on looking for a range of services. One of them was a partial re-brand of their business and imagery for their products.

They already had some good ideas that they needed fleshed out and brought to life. We were able to provide a very fast service as they wanted to get the new images on their packaging as quickly as possible before having more bags and boxes printed.

Our relationship with Make Good has been fantastic and led to new ventures for both companies which we hadn’t even considered previously, including us designing the stand and merchandise for Make Good’s first ever exhibition appearance!

After they saw the Make Good branding in the market, I was contacted by the friendly people at Hardnox. They wanted me to come up with a logo for their new product – Floor Protection Sheets.

Commonly used by tradesmen and DIYers alike, floor protection sheets do exactly what you’d imagine. They keep your floors looking pristine while you give your home some much needed maintenance.

The logo HAD to be simple as it needs to be printed on every sheet manufactured. No gradients, no needless, crazy detailing that may not print correctly, etc. But I wanted to get across what the product does in as simple a design as possible too. A real brain teaser!

 This was one of two designs that I put forward and it went down a storm, perfectly fitting the brief. Client happy. Me happy. Future Hardnox customers very happy!