Exhibition Project Management

In the second half of 2018 we were asked by Make Good Plaster if we would consider helping them set up a stand for their first ever exhibition. They needed to make an impact at the National Painting & Decorating Show in Coventry and had been very impressed with our work up to that point.

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we said “Yes!”

We jumped feet-first into the process and got to work. We had to arrange everything from the stand design and fabrication to the promotional merchandise and capturing the event on film for a promo video that would run on social media and also feature on their website.
Below is a brief rundown of the process…

Initial Proof Of Concept

Initial Proof Of Concept

We had a brainstorming session and decided on a few points that would need to be part of the stand. They were:

  • We had to have live, hands-on demos of the products for people to use first hand. No smoke and mirrors.
  • We needed a TV incorporated into the design for a looping promo video to run on throughout the day.
  • We wanted plinths that displayed our products.
  • We wanted an area that could be used for a darts competition that would run across both days.

Initial Concept 1

Initial 3D mockups following brainstorming session

Initial Concept 1a

Initial 3D mockups following brainstorming session

Initial Concept 1b

Initial 3D mockups following brainstorming session

Initial Concept 1c

Initial 3D mockups following brainstorming session

Initial Concept 2

Initial 3D mockups following brainstorming session

Initial Concept 2a

Initial 3D mockups following brainstorming session

Sourcing A Stand Fabricator

Someone on the same page…

We contacted multiple fabricators in our search for the perfect balance of bang for buck. Sometimes who you choose boils down to those tiny details that makes them stand out from the pack. We went with CMEX for this show due to their attention to detail and constructive input based on their extensive experience in the world of exhibition stands.

They helped flesh out some additional design ideas, streamlined the function of the stand and this was what we came up with to push this project forward.

Eye-catching Promo Visuals

Eye-Catching Promo Visuals

To help gain peoples attention we needed to come up with some visuals for the looping video that would run throughout the day. These visuals would be spliced in-between promotional videos of Make Good’s products. We were given creative licence with this, the only stipulation being ‘keep it simple’. We also needed to promote their social media channels as part of the video. This would all be encapsulated within a scrolling ticker and rotating product showcase. Think the ’24-hour news’ look but without the depressing stories.

Promotional Merchandise

Lasting Impact…

We were also tasked with designing all of the promotional merchandise for the show. We would be putting together goodie bags to give away to attendees to further put the brand into the forefront of peoples minds. We wanted to create items that would be used long after the show was done and dusted. We designed T-shirts, Pens, Pencils, Bags and a full colour Brochure highlighting their core range of products. We even had custom dart flights printed for the competition we held.

Project Management

Trust Us With Your Business

We are there with you from start to finish. From the initial concept stage through to the final moments of a successful show. Let us take the burden away from you so you can concentrate on your usual daily business. We’ll be there to oversee construction of your stand and iron out any issues that may arise. We can liaise with transport companies and other external elements to ensure that things progress as smoothly as possible.
We’ll ensure that when those doors open to the public, you’ll be ready to maximise your impact and drive up leads and sales!

The Finished Article

Completed Stand North Side

Completed Stand South Side

Videography & Photography Services

The icing on the cake!

We can chronicle your appearance at your chosen show for you. We take the stress out of capturing videos and images for social and other media purposes. You’re there to gain leads, not to be messing about with camera settings!

We provide a bespoke service that centers around what you want to achieve. Talk to us about how we can help you capture you at your best!

Sound Good?

If so, give us a call! We’re positive we can help you out and likely for less cost than you imagine!